Early Childhood Education

Our early childhood education program at Peanut House Preschool prepares children for their later years. Our hands-on curriculum for both literacy and math target audio, visual and kinesthetic learners to ensure each child is fully engaged. Our mix of learning through exploration and structured learning provides children the opportunity to satisfy their natural curiosity while also getting them school-ready for primary years.

Daily activities encourage learning through games, music, art and gross motor movement. At Peanut House Preschool, daily creative writing allows children to reflect on what they have learned and develop their imaginations. Guided reading lessons strengthen phonemic awareness as well as introduce children to new vocabulary. Our preschool is perfect for toddlers and help them develop the skills they need to enter school.

We have great child care services and are dedicated to helping children grow. Child development is extremely important and it is crucial to put your kids in the right programs to reach their full potential.


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