At our child care center, we combine structured learning with both child-guided learning and learning through play. We teach using a phonics-based approach as well as the whole language approach to guarantee all individual academic needs are met. Our goal is to reach each child by adapting learning activities to target the individual child rather than the age-group as a whole.

Our integrated curriculum encourages learning through games, music, art, and sensory experiences. Your child will be involved with a themed curriculum. This involves songs, art activities, games, numbers, letters, shapes, counting, colors, senses, water and sand play. Development of fine motor skills are also a huge focus as we begin to prepare children for preschool and elementary school years. Learning through play and child-guided learning opportunities allow children to develop independence to promote self-help skills.

Our early childhood education programs are the best the area. Call our toddler daycare for more information. We are located in Bowling Green, KY.


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